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Welcome to the Sheffield Childrens NHS Foundation Trust Formulary

About the Sheffield Childrens Hospital Formulary

This site has been developed and is maintained by the Medicines Information team at Sheffield Childrens NHS Foundation Trust in conjunction with the Drugs and Therapeutics Committee.

The site is designed to be used by healthcare professionals. It is assumed that the user will have the necessary knowledge, skill and competence to interpret the information presented, and where necessary to refer to specialist advice for clarification.

The formulary is divided into sections reflecting the BNF and lists medicines that are available within the Trust. For formulary products used less commonly, there may be a delay before the product is available on site as stock may not be routinely kept.

Alongside the medicines listed in each section is any relevant information for prescribers. This may include restrictions as to who may prescribe, first and second choices, references to clinical guidelines, where products are unlicensed formulations and more. In the near future links will be inserted to local guidelines providing more information about place in therapy.

New medicines may be considered for inclusion in the Formulary through application to the Drugs & Therapeutic Committee. The relevant documentation is available on the hospital intranet site.

This formulary is continually evolving. Comments about the formulary can be made by using the feedback tab at the top of this page.

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